During my weekend, I also experienced a tour with – this was the Kutna Hora Tour taking in the bone chapel and more. I experienced this with Michael. Looking back I think of this trip with good memories, due to the problems on the day.

It did not seem that organised. I had booked online from UK, weeks ago. We meet at 11am, and went to a restaurant to sort out the paperwork. We walked to the main train station to catch a train at 12pm – we catched it with 5 mins to spare. There were no spare seats on the train. It was a Saturday and people were taking animals on trains that I am not used to – ducks and hamsters. What they did have was kids carrraiges separate from the others. I though this was a good idea.


We then joined another train to get to the Ossuary and then we arrived – it was amazing – well worth the money to see this. When would you even see anything like this again.


We then moved by taxi to another site before we walked around before a late lunch at about 3pm. There were problems with getting out lunch as it did not arrived until after 4ish. So Michael decided with the group to spend long at St Barbaras and take the late train back to the city.


However, Michael had said that he never taken a group back on the late train. And this was apparent, as he did not know the train times. And we ended waiting 45mins for a train. So we get on one train, and then have to change – except the next train is delayed. Michael bless him, he went out and got us snacks and drinks. He did his upmost best to look after us. As I said, its day I will not forget – it was funny looking back !



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