This was booked, the same year that we went to Australia. I can remember that it was such a good deal – price wise. My first impressions of Toronto, was that it was very wet ! We stayed at Marriot Courtyard Downtown Toronto. We did a city tour, that included lunch at the CNN Tower. Looking back, I wished we had done an evening meal at these towers. Ever since, this trip, we have always done that. We walked all around the Sky Dome before entering via the Hard Rock Cafe to view the stadium grounds. I can imagine what its like watching a game there – impressive !

We then went to Niagara Falls, we stayed at Marriot Courtyard Niagara Falls. I was not a fan of the area at nightime. We visited both the US side and Canada side. We had dinner at the Skylon Tower. This was pleasant.

The best thing for me, was that Cadburys chocolate tasted the same as what you get back home in the UK. I am looking forward to returning to Canada, there is still more places I would like to go to. But this time, I will pick the correct time of year. November was a mistake. 



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