This was a free trip as we had converted clubcard vouchers to pay for this. It was a good deal with Virgin Holidays. Getting to Gatwick was a nightmare, this was the trip that if I ever fly in the am, I would be staying at the hotel. We were very close to missing our flight due to problems on the M25. And after arriving in Orlando, it took nearly three hours to get through. It was not looking to be a good week. Our first day, we spent at Animal Kingdom. I enjoyed the rides, but was expecting it  to be a larger park. The next day, we spent at Magical Kingdom, it is massive. We did manage to get round everywhere. The next day, we choose to do some shopping. We went to the Prime and Premium Outlets. And we did spend some money on clothes and trainers. Next day, we went to Typhoon Lagoon. Again that was a smaller park than I thought it would be. Next day, we went to Epcot, this did not feel like a theme park more like an exhibition.  So we went back and spend the evening at the Magic Kingdom. The last park we visited was the MGM Studios and I liked most things here except the Tower Of Terror – got talked into that one. Glad I came and did the Disney Parks.



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