Look Back 2012: The Maldives

Well we arrived in Male and immediately transferred to the sea plane lounge to catch our sea plane. I was dubious how I would get on, as I had never done anything like it. And I do suffer with travel sickness. So we go on the plane with 2 other couples and off we went. I loved it, the view from the window flying over the water is something I will never forget. I think this is something that everyone should experience once. And then we landed in the sea, and I mean in the middle of the sea but within 10 mins, a boat came and took us to the resort. And we just left the plane there, in the middle of the sea.




Our beach bungalow was adorable, I loved it. We had a four poster bed, a semi open air bathroom with an outdoor shower. Every night, we would have our bed decorated and I have included a couple of them to show. We did pay for an internet package and that was reasonable. The island has three main dining areas, and you would eat, depending where your room was. We had already booked the basic all inclusive package . So we eat and drank very well for the time we were there. The package that we booked also included all snorkelling and windsurfing equipment and a sunset cruise



Kuramathi Resort was amazing, everywhere you turned was a postcard image. We snorkelled every day with sharks and turtles. The staff could never do enough for you. One night we even watched a movie under the stars on the beach. And what I also found out, every morning before anyone got up, they had sprayed the island, so you never got bitten by anything. My best memories are the times we had tasting all the different cocktails. They were delicious, and we would try different ones every night. It was one of the best holidays I have ever had. I would love to return. But not sure, if I would want to have a different memories. It was  such a lovely trip. I begged my husband to stay but we had sea plane booked, we had to go home. This Island and trip was one of a life time for me and should be experienced by everyone.ImageImageImage


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